Health & Safety, Consultanacy / Support

Our consultancy services provide a comprehensive range of cost-effective solutions, individually tailored to the client, providing a clear, concise and professional service. We will assist you in identifying specific targets and mapping out strategies to achieve those targets.

Our Health & Safety consultancy services include:

• Specialist support for the development, writing, implementation and review of company health and safety policy and safety management systems.
• Support and review of your health and safety risk assessments, including specific risk assessments such as, Fire, Noise, CoSHH, Display Screen Equipment and Manual Handling.
• General safety management system auditing, specific OHSAS 18001 safety management system development and auditing, compliance with statutory requirements.
• Conduct vetting process for potential contractors, review existing contractors processes and complete pre-vetting paperwork on behalf of the client.
• Provide on-site advice and support.
• Providing on call health and safety information, guidance and advice.
• Undertaking workplace safety inspections.
• A full accident investigation service to assist companies in the identification of accident causes, remedial action.
• Assistance in communicating with the enforcing authorities and other interested parties, including insurance companies and solicitors.
• Monitoring new and emerging legislation and Industry incidents to ensure the company is positioned to respond in good time to new requirements and lessons learnt.
• Development of individual comprehensive training programmes for Directors, Managers and Staff.
• Development of individual training courses to be self-delivered in-house.

Additional Services:

We can also provide a Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T.) services for all your workplace electrical appliances.

We also provide Fire, First Aid and medical cover for events, sports and film / television productions on location.