3 Day Train the Trainer (Manual Handling, Display Screen Equipment, CoSHH, Fire)

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At some point in your life you will have attended a workshop, but what happens when you are asked to deliver one? Some people relish the opportunity while others are scared by it. Whatever you feel about public speaking, it is a skill that is admired by many. Public speaking skills are important for everyone. This workshop is for those who wish to develop their skills, and is especially designed for people with little or no experience in running workshops.

This three-day course is based on a series of short theory and good practice facilitator-led sessions followed up by personal practice. Group discussions are frequently used to identify personal experiences of good and bad facilitation. Expert trainer feedback enables participants to develop workable personal action plans for improved confidence and delivery.

This hands-on three-day workshop will help you plan, perform and analyse your workshop. With the trainer, you will be practicing the workshop you have been asked to deliver, making the learning real and giving you the chance to practice.

This course includes the following elements:

  • Understand the difference between trainer and facilitator
  • Laying out your learning environment
  • Using your resources to an advantage
  • Visual learning aids Vs. Written learning aids
  • Understanding barriers to learning
  • Learn key questioning skills
  • Discover ways of planning and designing workshops
  • How to structure a talk / presentation
  • Know your audience
  • Develop your own presentation style
  • Understand and manage group dynamics
  • Analyse how the presentation is going
  • Effectively evaluate your performance once it is over
  • Learn what to do next

Each Delegate will be expected to deliver a short talk / presentation on the afternoon of day 3.

Each delegate will receive course materials detailing the key points covered in the course, and a certificate of completion. The certificates will be posted within 14 days of the date of the course.

Maximum Number of Delegates: 12