1/2 Day Safety Co-ordinators / Safety Reps Training

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This course ensures that those nominated as Safety Coordinators or Safety Representatives have the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their role.

The aim is to provide the Safety Coordinator and Safety Representatives with an understanding of their role and an overview of the H&S issues they need to consider. Overall the aim is to instill confidence in carrying out their tasks and to promote a positive health & safety culture.

This course includes the following elements:

  • The course concentrates on the aspect of the administrative and coordinating role of the appointed person.
  • The role and responsibilities of the Safety Coordinator in their department.
  • A simple introduction including the concepts of risk assessment and the duty of care.
  • Accident reporting – the role of the coordinator
  • Risk Assessments – when generic or specific risk assessment might be appropriate
  • Safety Training – Ensuring that training needs analysis is carried out in the department and the results are fed back to the line management. Ensuring records of training undertaken are kept and also feeding training records into personnel files.
  • Dealing with pre-vetted and non-vetted contractors – an outline of the protocols.
  • Office Safety – Carrying out office risk assessments and inspections and reporting shortcomings to line management. A basic awareness of the requirements to be met in the DSE Regulations, The Welfare Regulations, Work Equipment Reg., – This part of the course to involve some practical case study work to test comprehension.
  • How to ensure up to date knowledge with relevant safety matters
  • Ensuring staff are aware of who are the nominated Fire Wardens and First Aider’s in the department.

Each delegate will receive course materials detailing the key points covered in the course, and a certificate of completion. The certificates will be posted within 14 days of the date of the course.

Maximum Number of Delegates: 16