1 Day Manual Handling – The Movement & Handling of People

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The Manual Handing – The Movement & Handling of People course is aimed at specific staff where their job requirement includes the need to physically move or assist with the movement of people, whether this be the elderly or physically impaired. This can range from generally assisting people with standing, sitting or walking, movement of wheelchairs or assistance with movement in bed. All workers undertaking this activity are vulnerable to manual handling injuries (whether at work or at home), so all will benefit from a knowledge of good technique.

The course will be run in a participative manner to get involvement and emphasise the personal benefits of taking action.

This course includes the following elements:

  • To introduce the responsibilities of employers and employees under the Manual Handling Regulations
  • The definition of Manual Handling
  • Manual Handling – not just a work place activity
  • An overview of Manual Handling Risk Assessment 
  • Injuries associated with manual handling
  • A simple overview of the anatomy of the lumbar spine, cumulative strain and  the causes of back pain  
  • To provide a step-by-step guide to the dynamic handling technique with practical demonstration and delegate participation
  • Handling Aids (e.g. hoists, wheelchairs, walking frames, etc)
  • Lifting / moving of people to an advantage and disadvantage
  • Team handling
  • Good handling technique
  • Practical handling exercises with a range of representative loads

(Note: A suitable space will be required to undertake the practical elements of the training)

Each delegate will receive course materials detailing the key points covered in the course, a hand-out giving advice on back care and pain prevention and a certificate valid for 3 years. The certificates will be posted within 14 days of the date of the course.

Maximum Number of Delegates: 12